Elderberry Immunity W/ Zinc & Vitamin C is the perfect blend that contains all essential vitamins and minerals needed for a strong immune system.*

DIRECTIONS: Mix one (1) scoop into 6-8 ounces of your favorite non-citrus juice, water, smoothie, or protein shake. For best taste mix into filtered water and add a splash of apple juice.

 Elderberry Immunity with Zinc and Vitamin C is formulated to support immune health, cardiovascular health, skin health, and energy production.

Our formula uses over 1,000mg of Elderberry, 1500 IU of Vitamin D, whole food Vitamin C, 11 mg of Zinc, flavored with stevia and pink Himalayan salt in an effective evidence-based and efficaciously dosed formula.



Formula Ingredient Deck

Benefits Of Each Ingredient 

Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry)

  • Supports immune, cardiovascular, skin, cognitive, fat burning, and digestive health.
  • Supports immune health via increased oxidant, free radical scavenging, and fueling neutrophilic (immune cell) activity in chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and microbial killing.
  • Supports fat burning by increasing carnitine biosynthesis (molecule required for mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation).

Vitamin B-12 (Methylcobalamin)

  • Metabolically active, methylated form of Vitamin B12 needed for proper DNA synthesis, folate cycle function, energy production, cognitive function, and immune health.
  • Aids as an antioxidant via direct scavenging of reactive oxygen species (inflammation), preserving l-glutathione levels (master antioxidant), and reducing oxidative stress.


  • Supports immune function, skin health, cognitive function, and vision.
  • Supports stimulation of the innate and adaptive immune system.
  • Supports the activation of lymphocytes and activation of innate and T cell-mediated immunity.

Elderberry Extract

  • Antioxidant function, cardiovascular health, respiratory infections, and antiviral activity are all benefits of this supplement.
  • Polyphenolic content enhanced free radical scavenging activity, and lower inflammatory cytokines all help to support antioxidant function.
  • Flavonoids that bind to and inhibit H1N1-type IV infection may boost antiviral activity against pathogens.

Magnesium (di magnesium malate)

  • Improves nerve function, muscle contractions, cardiovascular and bone health, and anxiety reduction.
  • Supports biological responses like ATP-fueled reactions and insulin release from the pancreas.
  • Reduces systolic blood pressure, fasting glucose, triglycerides, and maintains normal HDL levels.


  • Supports bone and muscular health, as well as cardiovascular health.
  • Regulates bone resorption, mineralization, and fracture repair processes.
  • Increases the effect of physical activity on the acquisition of bone minerals in the years leading up to puberty.
  • Prevents preeclampsia from developing.

Vitamin D3

  • High levels of vitamin D receptor (VDR) activation in hormone-based negative feedback loop reactions support hormonal health.
  • Improved calcium absorption, reduced atherosclerotic activity, stimulation of cardiomyocytes, and improved vascular health are all benefits of this supplement.
  • Reduces exercise-related inflammation and muscle damage, which improves exercise performance.


  • Reduces blood pressure in hypertensive patients and helps people with low potassium levels stay hydrated.

Pink Himalayan Salt

  • Polyphenols and antioxidants are abundant, and it may help with hydration.


Proper Use of This Supplement

Suggested Use: Combine one (1) scoop with 6-8 ounces of non-citrus juice, water, smoothie, or protein shake. Mix with filtered water with a dash of apple juice for the greatest flavor.


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