Our 100% organic Chlorella Pure Powder is made from the complete algae plant, which is picked by hand, dried at low temperatures, and then naturally processed into a fine powder. Our method of making Chlorella Pure Powder preserves the spirulina’s high nutritional content while allowing for optimum digestion and absorption when ingested.

Chlorella (Chlorella Vulgaris) is a single-celled emerald green freshwater algae that grow naturally in lakes and rivers in Australia and Southeast Asia. Our natural chlorella powder has broken cell walls, which provide your body with tremendous natural energy as well as a wealth of protein, fiber, carotenoids, minerals, and vitamins A, B12, C, and E.

Raw, pure, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO, Organic Chlorella Pure Powder by Hard Rock Health is 100 percent USDA Certified powder is a fantastic addition to any lifestyle. Chlorella Powder is both healthy and delicious, so add it to your diet and get the advantages.

Benefits of Organic Chlorella Pure Powder by Hard Rock Health

  • High-density nutrition: Our naturally processed green Chlorella powder is high in protein, 18 amino acids, iron, carotenoids, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fiber, vitamin a, vitamin b12, vitamin c, and vitamin e, as well as other nutrients.
  • Easy-to-consume: This powder has an amazing taste and is best used in smoothies, chia pudding, baked goods, pesto, energy bars, and by adding it into juices and water.
  • Maximum absorption: Our high quality Chlorella powder is made by harvesting the complete algae plant at low temperatures and then meticulously milling it into fine powder. This method preserves the emerald green algae’s high nutritional content while allowing for optimum digestion and absorption when eaten.
  • Right from the source: Our organic chlorella powder is hand-selected from small sustainable farms to ensure a genuinely beautiful powder arrives at your doorstep.
Organic Chlorella Pure Powder 600mg


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