A perfect ancient remedy for hair problems like Hair fall Hair loss Split ends Weak hair root Hair moisturizer & conditioner Stops hair fall and promotes hair growth One of the oldest ancient ways to keep your hair healthy Millions of people have already used parachute and are still using it. Please note that this is 100% pure Coconut oil used in India to moisturize and nourish hair and scalp. You can get more information about pure coconut oil on the internet about its benefits and therapeutic properties. The Coconut Hair Oil promises beautiful lustrous hair that is strong on the inside. Most users that have reviewed this product find improvement after the first use; your hair becomes smoother and shinier. Regular use significantly reduces breakages, split ends, and hair fall while continuing to make your hair smooth and shiny. You may also find the darker hair to be an advantage. Useful Information: Once you apply and massage the oil to your scalp and hair, it is advised that you wash it off after an hour with some good herbal shampoo… as otherwise, it may stain the place when it comes in contact with your hair/head. If you are applying it the night before going to bed, make sure that you cover your pillow with thick cotton cloth, or otherwise, it will stain and spoil your pillow. Further, if you are living in a cold country where in case if the temperature drops below 26 C (77 F) the oil inside the bottle will get frozen and it would become semi-solid. In such cases, you have to boil some water and put/hold the bottle in such Lukewarm water for some time maybe 5 minutes or so till the time the oil inside the bottle gets liquidated and you can use it instantly. It can also be used for body massage. Usage: Massage your scalp with Parachute Hair Oil Leave overnight for best results Shampoo next morning to get healthy, lustrous hair


250 ml


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