Wide Weight Range custom adjustable dumbbell/dumbell set short time dumbbell set


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 [High quality material] – plastic coated steel plate, PP substrate, strong corrosion resistance, durability, not easy to break, durable.

· [Adjustable weight] – Can instantly change the weight of a dumbbell from 4lb to 35lb (1.5-16kg) by turning the dial on each end.Knurled handle, non-slip and comfortable.Elegant and unisex.

· [Absolute safety] – Lock design, strong and durable.For your safety, replace the dumbbell plate only when the dumbbell is on the base.A safe chin lock (pictured) can prevent weight loss during exercise.

·[Spatial efficiency] With our adjustable dumbbells, you don’t have to worry about the number of dumbbells cluttering up your workout space.

· [Excellent performance] – Suitable for basic physical exercise and heavy leg lifts to improve core strength.Shrugging, lunging, bending or raising is up to you.

A new state,

· High quality steel plate with strong corrosion resistance and durability

· High density nylon base and handle, not easy to break

· Adjustable weight, 4-35 LBS (1.5-16kg)

· Adjust increments using a unique dialing system

· Allows you to quickly switch from one sport to the next

· Don’t worry about too many dumbbells messing up your workout space

· Safety interlock prevents the protection plate from falling off

· 2 years warranty



1. Size:45x25x25cm

2. Weight Range: 4-35lbs/1.5kg-16kg

3. colour :Black red, black yellow, can be customized

4. Material:High strength nylon with silicon steel inside

1. packed weight :17KG

2. package size:48*31*30cm

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